Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Debt? Run to Arrow Financial Services

Arrow Financial Services LLC is a part of Salli Mae (NYSE:SLM) family of companies that is nationally recognized leader in the receivables management industry with over $16 billion in consumer debt under management. They are a leading purchaser and services of performing and non performing consumer debt. It was established in 1961 and has grown into a nationwide company with over 1,000 employees across two outbound call centers.

They offer full range of recovery solutions across a variety of asset classes including credit cards, student loans, utility, telecommunication, retail and automotive. Arrow Financial Services specializes in balancing courteous and professional customer service with the goal of maximizing recovery on managed accounts. They strive for maximum liquidation in all stages of the recovery process, while maintaining personalized customer service and strict adherence to all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations.

Arrow Financial Services is now currently managing receivables on both purchased on their account and on behalf of other grantors(contingency and first party), this allow them to provide a full array of solutions in assisting consumers for achieving their portfolio performance and liquidity objectives. The unique combination of experience, reputation and world class analytical capabilities sets them apart from other industry.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Consumer Complaints Purpose to Both Company and Consumer

Consumer complaints are raised by consumers who were not satisfied or happy about the service or product. There are many ways on how to address a complaints as a consumer. Consumers can send a letter, call the company/business or much better to address the concerns directly to the attention of the management so as to find out on how they will respond to the consumers concerns on a certain situation.

Most companies today made a few ways to know their consumers' concerns through customer service, suggestion/comments box and many more. Their goal is to know the needs of their consumers to keep their service/product quality. Consumer complaints are usually compiled and evaluated by some companies to come up with a resolution for the benefit of both the company and consumers. Through consumer complaints that are reached to the management, companies will be able to come up with a resolution on how to serve them according to their consumers' needs.

Since it is consumer's right to complain if they weren't happy and satisfied with what they rightly deserve. Company are opt to find ways on how to keep their consumers loyalty through knowing their consumers satisfaction either on their product or service.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Discover More in Life With PSI Seminar

PSI Seminar was created to spread the personal success principles by Thomas Willhite and Jane Willhite in 1973. Since Thomas Willhite died in a plane crash in 1983, Jane C. Willhite, his wife has run the company as CEO which is responsible for its current growth and success. They have 12 PSI offices in major cities throughout North America and they held programs in many locations in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Indonesia.

Their sessions are to help people discover more about themselves, their relationships, and their personalities. They focused on optimizing human experience by creating liberty in the lives of their students also by aiming to enhance every area of peoples lives. Each seminar helps people achieve success in different aspects of life from professional, health, financial, life and home because their venue for education is for personal development.

PSI Seminars is dedicated in teaching strategies for success in life. They regularly offer free introductory classes for people who are interested but not yet fully convinced. They have drawn criticism from numerous PSI customers that claims the program is much like a cult. Despite from it, PSI remains a leading authority and pioneer in human potential thinking which helped over 500,000 people in discovering their ultimate effectiveness through revolutionary educational programs. Do you really think you are all that you can be ?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shopping At Home Depot

Home Depot was founded by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia. Their retail specializes in home improvement items and construction products and services, domestic appliances, tools, hardware, lumber, materials for building, paint, flooring supplies, garden supplies, etc. They are the world's largest home improvement retailer, the second largest retailer in the U.S., and the fifth largest retailer in the world. Home Depot's goal is to help create the dream home of most people that considers their home as their greatest investment.

Together with its subsidiaries, the Home Depot, Inc. operates as a home improvement retailer company. Their stores sell building materials, home improvement supplies, and lawn and garden products to do-it-yourself customers, do-it-for-me (D-I-F-M) customers, home improvement contractors, tradespeople, and building maintenance professionals. They also offers installation services and programs for D-I-F-M customers which include products, such as carpeting, flooring, cabinets, etc. in addition, they provide professional installation of products sold through in-home programs such as generators, furnace and central air systems.

Consumers has the right to complain if they are not satisfied with the service and product. The complaints are a challenge for every company for them to know the shortcomings they have to their customers, especially to Home Depot. As a consumer, we have to be responsible on our decision like what and where to buy. Mostly, the problems were just misunderstanding between two parties. So, happy shopping.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retailer, distributor and consumer

There are times in delivering of products to distributors, we can’t avoid failures that may happened. For example the retailer has milk products and to be delivered to the store. The said milk has a promo that only can be seen inside the can and only the buyer knows what is inside. The people involved in the case are the retailer, distributor and consumer.

What if the consumer bought that milk? And he or she found out that there are no freebies inside. In this case the consumer will get disappointed of what happened and felt that he or she was scammed. The consumer has the right to complaint to the store. The customer service will take in charged of this situation. It seems the case is controversial just to make things clear, the store will considerate the consumers complaint. For consideration the product will be exchange to a new one or refund. The case is close between the consumer and distributor.

The next case is between the distributor and retailer. What will be the distributor supposed to do? Same to the consumer, they have the right to complaint of what happened to their consumer. The management of the product will have the apology to the store. Just for the consideration the retailer will give incentive to the store to make the situation clear.

You’ve seen the flow retailer to distributor to consumer and to consumer to distributor and back again to retailer. The case is finally close.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips How to Handle Consumer Complaints

In business always the tagline is that the “Customer is always right” even they are wrong we try to treat them right. It is fine for the company or product to encounter those complaints from consumers, order to know their suggestions and comments. Just to make improved their products or services.

Here are tips how to handle consumer complaints.
  • Pay attention to the consumer’s explanation. Listen carefully and show interest. Thank him for sharing the problem to you.
  • Patient is a virtue. Apologize to them for the things what happen and the current situation. Do not blame others or your company committed wrong but just be sorry.
  • Reflect back on consumer concerns. Praise him/her by saying that you’re correct or we understood.
  • Analyze the consumers feedback, and find a way to avoid it happened again to your business.
  • Explain to the consumer the things should be do and not be able to do. Be friendly when explaining your side and touch the consumer's heart so you can handle it easily.
  • Let the consumer understands the solution and find the best way of solution to the consumer complaints and let him/her ask, if he/she is satisfied to the solution.